The Millennium Group's Yacht & Maritime Security Division is staffed by former federal agents (e.g., CIA and DEA) and military special forces personnel (e.g., Navy SEALs).

The training, knowledge and, most-importantly, real-world experience our instructors and operatives bring to the table is what sets us apart. We have successfully guided our clients' vessels over thousands of nautical miles of the most dangerous waters in the world. We have come under attack and we have been under fire. We have not lost a single one yet. Our philosophy is simple: preparedness is the key. Our goal is to make our client's vessel a "hard target". At their core, pirates are like any other brand of criminal -- they are looking for an easy score. Through education, training, pro-active, on-board countermeasures and a show of force, we transform a vulnerable yacht or commercial vessel into a visibly well-prepared, demonstrably UNattractive target. We take a hands-on approach that typically starts with in-depth briefing and training of the captain and crew, goes on to participation in the "hardening" of the ship's exterior and culminates with an armed, ride-along, protection team. From start to finish, we work alongside our client to construct a seamless, tailor-made, security program.

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